Week #19 Weigh in

September 11th, 2013 Comments off

Day 135 of 185

Starting weight: 104.5kg

Week 18 weight: 93.7kg

Week 18 weight: 91.7kg

Lost this week: 2.0kg

Lost since day 1: 12.8kg

It seems that I have to go through a period of gaining weight where I almost give up for my body to push through.  91.7kg is my lowest low!


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Week #18 Weigh in

September 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Day 127 of 185

Starting weight: 104.5kg

Week 17 weight: 92.4kg

Week 18 weight: 93.7kg

GAINED this week: 1.3kg

Lost since day 1: 10.8kg

Well running the Bridge to Brisbane was fun, and it burned a lot of calories but I ate those calories back and then some.

I reached 92.0kg on day in week #18 but that doesn’t matter because since then I’ve been gaining weight every day.

Maybe it’s an excess of sodium and I’m retaining a lot of water but there’s no doubt that most of the weight gain is body fat.

My weight graph shows that since starting the 6 month challenge I’ve been steadily losing weight until the beginning of August.  since then I’ve gained then lost then gained again.  That beautiful downward line is interrupted by a saddening peak at the end of the graph.

I have to turn this around.  I refuse to believe that I’m not capable of sticking with something for six months.  I know the cold and the injuries slowed me down but I’ve been fine for the last two weeks so why am I not losing?  Undocumented snacking (yes, I’ve eaten stuff that I didn’t log) and inaccurate logging, I think, are to blame.

It’s time to get super strict with my food intake.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.57.21 AM

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Week #17 Weigh in

August 27th, 2013 Comments off

Day 120 of 185

Starting weight: 104.5kg

Week 16 weight: 93.8kg

Week 17 weight: 92.4kg

Lost this week: 1.4kg

Lost since day 1: 12.1kg

Things are slowly getting back on track.  The cold is gone and I’m no longer experience severe DOMS after exercise.

Hopefully week 18 will see me in the 91’s!

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