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Pushing it on my 5k run

April 30th, 2013

I usually run between 5k and 6k once or twice during the week.  If I run on the weekend I usually try to run farther.

When I say “run” I mean “trot” or “jog really really slowly”.  I usually just want to make the distance and I’m not too concerned about my times.

This afternoon I went for my usual run. Just as I started running I decided, for some reason, to actually run for the first kilometre.  I kept a decent pace and half way to the 1 km mark I could feel the lactic acid building up in my midsection.  This never happens when I jog.

I made the 1 km mark and I slowed down to my normal jogging pace.  Runtastic played it’s 1 k milestone audio cue.  “5 minutes, 42 seconds” the robotic voice said.  Holy nuggets! Usually my first kilometre is between 7:42 and 8:00.  While I was approaching the second kilometre mark I decide to go for it again.  “Two kilometres” Runtastic said.  I picked up the pace again and ran until kilometre 3.

By the 3km mark I was hurting a bit more.  I actually had to go down to a walk while I turned around to head home. 30 seconds later I picked it up to  jog.

By this point I was going to cut myself some slack and just let myself jog the rest of the way.

kilometre 4 was coming and I thought “bugger it, let’s jog to 5km!”. This time I was sure I’d conk out 500 metres into it.

The lactic acid built up for a third time and I was ready to slow down to a jog.  I kept going, though, and I made it to the 5km mark running. That last kilometre took me 6:13.

I might change my mind in two days when the DOMS for this run sets in but I think I might do this style of running from now on.  Of course my 10km runs will actually be jogs but when I do my short distance runs I’m going to push myself harder.

Hopefully today’s session doesn’t affect my squats tomorrow.  We shall see.

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